Reps Voting Results – February Rally 2019

Lexie Massie & Joshua Smith

Friday 12th of April 2019

22 clubs took part in the most recent Reps voting, and this article will summarise some of the key results gained from it.

Thank you to all the clubs who spoke to their members and voted with their views. It is great to see so many clubs engaged with both their members and with National SSAGO. A short summary of the key decisions made and their outcomes are outlined in this article. The full responses can be found in the resources below.

Key Outcomes

  • The creation of additional SSAGO bank accounts was approved by 89% of clubs as it is hoped this will make the organising process easier for regional events
  • The proposed changes to the Accident & Incident Reporting Policy Document were approved by 92% of clubs, ensuring the policy is up to date
  • The Archive Team’s bid for an archiving weekend was approved by 93% of clubs, an event which will benefit the future of SSAGO archiving, as it will give more SSAGO members a chance to get involved, and would be good publicity for SSAGO having this information on the website
  • The Exec-Elect’s bid for a 1 year student license of Adobe Cloud was approved by 81% of clubs as it will be a useful tool for the promotion of SSAGO over the next year, allowing us to create a more professional looking image


  • 72% of SSAGO clubs would prefer badges that sit individually, whilst 16% of clubs would prefer interlocking badges for the proposed SSAGO Night’s Away badges
  • There was a 50/50 split between clubs preferring the badges to be the same colour, and clubs preferring the badges to be a different colour

Constitutional Changes

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the constitutional changes full membership consultation launched in February at the AGM. All the feedback you provided and proposed amendments have been addressed in a separate article available here. Using your feedback a final version of the constitution has been completed ready for full membership approval.  


Thank you for letting us know what sort of support your clubs receive. We will use this feedback to identify ways in which SSAGO will be able to provide the support that different clubs require.

  • Clubs receive varying levels of support from their Student Union’s, with many clubs receiving none or very little support. Many of the clubs have access to their SU’s minibuses, and are able to apply for funding, but the amounts gained from this are generally limited.
  • Some clubs have good relations with their local Scouting and Guiding, and are able to use local Scout huts for a reduced fee and borrow kit. However some clubs currently receive no support from their local Scouting and Guiding.
  • Clubs have requested even more publicity resources from National SSAGO. They would also like access to National’s merchandise links, so that they can order clothing and other resources for their clubs at hopefully a cheaper price. However, in general, clubs are happy with the level of support they receive from SSAGO.

What Next?

The Exec will now work to implement your decisions. If you would like anything to be discussed in our next SSAGO Exec meeting, or to raise any issues then please let us know. The Exec can be contacted at