Our first week on the job!

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Monday 10th of April 2017

A brief summary of what the Executive officers and their Assistants have achieved in just their first week...

A brief summary of what the Executive officers and their Assistants have achieved in just their first week...

Executive committee:

Josh Smith - Chair

  • I’ve tackled some key parts of my manifesto. 
  • National events now have feedback forms, so we can use participants feedback to improve future events.
  • The full membership survey is ready to go out. 
  • Policy Fixers group has been set up and is already reviewing policy documents. 
  • Caught up with all the upcoming national events and new assistants. 
  • Started work on a long term development plan for SSAGO looking beyond the current exec. 
  • Looked into getting SSAGO set up as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
  • Had our first exec meeting and am about to schedule another.

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • Written my first set of minutes (which have been more than approved by Josh as the best SSAGO minutes that he has ever seen) 
  • I have also made a template for future minutes to be written this yea!
  • Trying to keep up with everything whilst being on fieldwork and catching up with all of the Facebook notifications afterwards!
  • I think that is about it other than setting up so that I'm ready to send out lots emails...

Frances Milroy - Treasurer

  • Got the leftover Euros from Witan changed over
  • Changed the SSAGO hotline numbers to the new exec
  • Updated the list of paid members
  • Emailed clubs about Rally Budgets
  • Phoned HSBC
  • Lots of attempting to get access to online banking

Anona Mann - Members Officer

  • This week I have started talks with James about Oxonjam with the hope to get it up on the SSAGO website soon so people can start signing up as staff for it! 
  • Other than that, I grumbled at a printer and have taken Harold on a few train adventures, as well as passed Harold's necker measurements to Dale!

James Frith - Publicity Officer

  • Posted social media updates throughout BUGS Ball
  • Wrote and encouraged others to write a few SSAGO news articles (Ball, Kohoutek, etc)
  • Sorted out google and facebook page ball albums, if you have photos from Ball make sure to add them here
  • Designed MOOT merchandise for and publicised the new SSAGO shop
  • Created a SSAGO MOOT event to show participants (and encourage non-SSAGO student attendees to sign up to SSAGO!)
  • "1000 Facebook likes" competition, which has already achieved an organic reach of 2000 with over 30 entering with some brilliant reasons to love SSAGO! Click here to enter too!
  • Started looking into publicity/branding updates and freshers campaigns for this year, as well as organising the Media team
  • Started sorting many volunteering opportunities for the summer (Fundays, Gilwell 24, etc) including making SSAGO website events
  • Sorted a handy to-do list facility for all Exec and Assistants (that hopefully we'll use!)
  • Wrote this blog post!

Executive Assistants:

Beatrice Phanjoo - International Officer

  • Established an overall plan and a to do list 
  • Liaised with previous SSAGO person involved with international contacts research 
  • Started an international contact list 
  • Started looking into having a potential team

Dale Patrick - Quartermaster

  • Finally got the food choices for the caterers for my wedding confirmed as well as the order of business

Larah Korrison - Archivist

  • Detailed to-do list 
  • Cleaned up the google docs file ready for team input - making it user friendly 
  • Started a contacts sheet 
  • Shared/highlighted relevant materials to the rest of the exec from the archives

Laura Payne - SAGGA liason

  • Discussed with a few SAGGA members the importance of mentioning SSAGO when talking to TSA/GG
  • Found out SAGGA's contacts in TSA/GG so we could see if we were talking to the same people to promote continuity and improve communication (and for the most part we are!)
  • Commenced a SAGGA, TSA and GG contacts list
  • Established who is on the new SAGGA committee
  • Liased (and escaped the escape room!) during a SAGGA Birmingham event

Oliver Bills - Webmaster

  • Finished the SSAGO online shop functionality, SSAGO can now sell things (Moot merchandise is the first test!)
  • Integrated Paypal ready for online payments for the shop and future events
  • Created the SSAGO blog
  • Updated the website with the new exec and assistant details
  • Improved the SSAGO survey system with new question types and will be available for clubs, events and others in SSAGO to use shortly

Vicky Sanderson - Notifications

  • Saved a few NAN forms
  • Going to update AA in my holiday in line with POR
  • Sorted some enquiries out about forms
  • Going to continue to update Notifications Factsheets to reflect changes in SSAGO for regional activities and rally forms
  • Usual form filling stuff