One month in...

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Wednesday 10th of May 2017

Quick monthly catch up with the national exec...

Quick monthly catch up with the national exec...

Executive committee:

Josh Smith - Chair

  • Launched the first ever full membership survey to give every member the opportunity to give their opinions on every aspect of SSAGO; complete the survey here.
  • Introduced post event feedback forms and collected feedback on the past three national events. 
  • Started looking into getting the Memorandum of Agreement which defines how Scouting, Guiding and SSAGO all work together and support each other finalised.
  • Nearly completed a new SSAGO as a Charity report.
  • Held another Exec Meeting. (The minutes are online here.)
  • Have started looking at updating how Reps is run to make it more representative. (Please let us know who you club Rep is here.)
  • Completed and submitted my dissertation!

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • Written my second set of minutes (very long but productive meeting....)
  • Written an article for the SSAGO website about Forest evasion
  • Tried to chase up access to the Witan paperwork…. (still working on that)
  • Blinded everyone with new exec clothing on parkrun!
  • Not done too much – been very busy with assignments!

Anona Mann - Members Officer

  • Sent out many many emails, checking up on new groups and asking why people haven’t submitted membership yet!
  • Been organising OxonJam with James help we are 11 people signed up and it was very exciting.
  • I climbed up a mountain while looking silly (with a camera strapped to my head) for the intention of creating cool soon to be SSAGO videos to help promote SSAGO.
  • Planned my Leeds Rally costume, as well as looking at making the SSAGO committee some very Jazzy knitted wear!
  • I made a pretty map with rough regions of ssago groups that were from the previous membership stuff, but created two different option that can be used as a rough guide to help clubs

James Frith - Publicity Officer

  • Got more SSAGO news articles on the go, and started building the SSAGO press team! If you or your club have won an award (be it a Scouting, Guiding or Student award), let Melissa and I know at
  • Designed and distributed the new Exec clothing and MOOT merchandise, and promoted SSAGO throughout the UK Contingent for MOOT! Another order will be up on the SSAGO shop very soon so keep an eye out!
  • Created a few "SSAGO Support" events (such as "OxonJam", "Gilwell 24" and "Wellies and Wristbands") and have organised more volunteering opportunities (such as "Magic and Mayhem" and "Poacher International Jamboree") to be released very soon, check them out on our SSAGO events page!
  • Continued working on publicity concepts for videos, banners, etc, will take to the media team in due course, so watch out for that too!
  • Lots of emails (we WILL get our SASU!) and social media-ing (What will SSAGO celebrate next? ;) )... and exam revision!

Executive Assistants:

Beatrice Phanjoo - International Officer

  • Contacted Sweden +18year old RoverGroup, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Poland
  • Discussion of opportunities with the Irish and Dutch Contingencies
  • Possible China summer camp opportunity
  • Started thinking of an international recruitment policy
  • 3 law exams down and no bloodshed/crisis/disaster

Larah Korrison - Archivist

  • Started memories portfolio project
  • Had conversations via email with ex members
  • Developed reunion ideas list further
  • Also had 4 wisdom teeth out...

Laura Payne - SAGGA liason

  • Uploaded several years' worth of two SAGGA members' memories of SSAGO to the archive
  • Corrected the spelling of SAGGA on three separate occasions
  • Worked out why I wasn't receiving any SSAGO emails any more (my bad...)
  • Helped bring six beautiful babies into the world (you don't have to put that one haha)

Oliver Bills - Webmaster

  • Created ability for clubs to specify their representatives
  • Added a list of all clubs reps, and created email address for contacting reps
  • Updated the events system to make it better and easier to create events
  • Updated and tested the SSAGO Shop with Moot and Exec merchandise
  • Switched all of SSAGO sites and sub-sites over to HTTPS
  • Further developed the survey system ready for the full-members system
  • Enhanced the news system to make it easier to develop and publish news stories
  • Upgraded the server that the SSAGO website runs on and upgraded the site to work on the new infrastructure

Vicky Sanderson - Notifications

  • Updated AA Factsheet
  • Updating policy on activities
  • Filed some more NAN forms
  • Identified clubs who are doing the job right and the job wrong
  • Found Ralph after he went missing from my room
  • Asked some clubs to submit reports on their trips away