Two months down...

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Sunday 11th of June 2017

Quick monthly catch up with the national exec...

Quick monthly catch up with the national exec...

Executive committee:

Frances Milroy - Treasurer

  • Looked at lots of budgets
  • Spent lots of time on hold to HSBC 
  • Chasing unpaid clubs
  • Signed up to Gilwell 24 as part of SSAGO support

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • More minutes have been written and are available on the website...
  • Chased up active clubs to assign their reps
  • Decided on club report questions and are ready to be sent out
  • Pre-rally email ready to be sent out to clubs about reps and club reports
  • Started to sort through the secretary folder and found lots of old paperwork, some of which is going to be digitised and put into the archives

Anona Mann - Members Officer

  • Carried on emailing groups who aren't so active to see if they are okay 
  • Finished assignmenting for uni so now I'm free to scout/ssago all summer
  • Had HUGS handover so no longer on both committees ... happy times!!
  • Did some more emailing about membership questions to possible freshers
  • Went to Oxon jam and promoted SSAGO being fabulous and did lots of helping at every moment possible 
  • I have probably done more but I'm still sleepy after introducing Harold to a beaver sleepover!
  • Manage SSAGO Support at Gilwell Park Fundays

James Frith - Publicity Officer

  • Continued to organise and coordinated 'SSAGO Support' events - find them all here!
    • Ran Quidditch at OxonJam
    • Ran Zorbing, Hay Maze and Waterslide at Woodhouse Park Fundays
  • Finalised 50th Anniversary Challenge badge requirements and design
  • Encouraged more articles from people and sorted out video template
  • Gathered the SSAGO Press team and prepared for the Rally newsletter
  • Sorted SSAGO at Pride - check here for details
  • Continued sorting new banners and preping new merchandise
  • Booked in "Scouting for Students" talk for Gilwell Reunion
  • Sorted a SSAGO facebook frame, test it out on your profile photo
  • Lots of emails and social media-ing as per usual
  • Househunted, and now am packing to move away from Bristol...

Executive Assistants:

Beatrice Phanjoo - International Officer

  • Got finally started on Team International (special thanks to Harriet Bell and Scott Chapman!) 
  • In the process of inviting/getting contingencies from both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Netherlands to SSAGO Reunion 
  • Contacted TSSG, uni students group from Trondheim, Norway
  • Chasing up Swedish Rovers and Austria

Larah Korrison - Archivist

  • Unintentionally reconnected two ex-Oxford members 
  • Organised a successful visit to Uni of Bristol special collections and also deposited material from Kohoutek 2017 with the current UoBGAS president
  • Added more personal stories to the archive ahead of reunion 
  • Continued to talk to ex-members

Laura Payne - SAGGA liason

  • As a consequence of Oli's song I have only had to correct the spelling of SAGGA once this month!
  • Attended a SAGGA weekend in Oxford with Oli and networked over board games and beer
  • Attended OxonJam as part of SSAGO Supports...
  • Delivered my 40th baby meaning that I have helped bring enough babies into the world to qualify as a midwife!

Oliver Bills - Webmaster

  • Preparing for the launch of SSAGO Reunion
  • Significant new features for the events booking system
  • Building the SSAGO anniversary challenge system
  • Launching the new SSAGO bookings system for non-SSAGO events to use the SSAGO events system
  • Continued working on the SSAGO badge system
  • Created a system for allowing clubs to specify their reps
  • Building a new SSAGO reps system to help support club reps
  • Continued work on the SSAGO shop ready for launch

Vicky Sanderson - Notifications

  • Sorted out a confusing POR situation for Leeds Rally.
  • Saved more forms into the dropbox and created notifications. 
  • Got annoyed at notifications. 
  • Signed up for Poacher 2017 as part of SSAGOSupports (And Vicky needed a holiday). 
  • Is busy organising Challenge17 Central Yorkshire Scouts County Camp