Three months and counting...

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Thursday 20th of July 2017

Quick monthly catch up with the National Exec...

Quick monthly catch up with the national exec...

Executive committee:

Joshua Smith - Chair

  • Introduced online voting for Reps so every club can go away, consider issues and discuss them with their members before having to vote.
  • Read all of the full membership survey data and have started processing it.
  • Caught up with Exec members and Assistants to see how everything is going.
  • Created and distributed event feedback form for Leeds Rally.
  • Exchanged countless emails and dealt with a lot of admin.
  • Graduated!

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • Chased clubs to fill out club reports and have reps on the system
  • Sorted out lots of paperwork which is going into the archives
  • Written more sets of minutes which hopefully people are 'enjoying' reading
  • Spread the word of SSAGO at Kandersteg International Scout Centre and helped to run an international trip!
  • Graduated!

Anona Mann - Members Officer

  • Carried on emailing clubs
  • Planned and completed my Explorer belt expedition
  • Moved house and tested the durability of the Gadaffy Plate flight case

James Frith - Publicity Officer

  • Hyped up Leeds Rally, 'staffed' Leeds rally (drove a lot!), set up and successfully delegated the Newsletter
  • Continued to organise and coordinated 'SSAGO Support' events - find them all here
    • Ran the arena bar at Gilwell 24, logged nearly 40 hours with just a few short naps!
    • The SSAGO adverts in the Z-cards looked awesome if I do say so myself!
    • There will be exclusive merch soon!
  • Represented SSAGO in the The Scout Association parade group at London Pride 
  • Encouraged (gentle poked) people to write more SSAGO news articles
  • Designed and purchased a SSAGO parade banner, continued sorting further banners, publicity stuff and preping new merchandise
  • Started planning "Scouting for Students" talk for Gilwell Reunion
  • Lots of emails and social media-ing as per usual
  • Planned for the World Scout Moot in Iceland (4 days to go!)
  • Enjoyed a wet but relaxing trip to Snowdon with SAGUWE
  • Moved down to Devon, started my career, and of course...
  • Graduated!

Executive Assistants:

Beatrice Phanjoo - International Officer

  • Rally
  • SSAGO 50th anniversary & reunion massive invites sent out
  • Facebook group for "SSAGO's international friends"
  • Worked on some ideas for Forum
  • Thought of some ideas for promotional stuff for SSAGO clubs to take on International trips

Dale Patrick - Merchandising

  • We've bought our wedding rings, and are doing the table plans

Larah Korrison - Archivist

  • Updated: Event and Exec lists (thank you those that helped)
  • Forgot how tedious archiving can be! 
  • Organised trip to Bristol archives and helped UoBGAS deposit Kohoutek materials and digitalised all the SSAGO publicity materials e.g. Journals 
  • Sorted through 500 photos of the publicity materials and updated our records 
  • Helped ex member reunite with the penant they made when they were in the club in the late 1950s 
  • Added more memories to the Archive
  • Scanned secretary's folder materials (watched some good films during it to keep my mind occupied) just need to sort them out now! 
  • Added the rally newspapers to the archive 
  • Moved back to London for the summer and looking forward to more trips including Gilwell and Cambridge
  • Graduated!

Laura Payne - SAGGA liason

  • Worked on the SSAGO challenge badge to make it more accessible for others not in SSAGO
  • Assisted the SAGGA secretary to facilitate ex-SSAGO members' transitions into SAGGA
  • Delivered my 40th baby and finished my degree!
  • Graduated!

Oliver Bills - Webmaster

  • Finished building the new online reps system
  • Added new event tools to help people running events (availability, programme building)
  • Added more information collection for Indie members when registering to help people start new SSAGO clubs
  • Improved the stories system for news submission
  • Built an online register for Reps
  • Completed all the SSAGO 50th Anniversary functionality

Vicky Sanderson - Notifications

  • Running Central Yorkshire Scouts County Camp, as part of the Management Team as Media Manager
  • Attended Rally
  • Dealt with NAN forms from SSAGO club summer adventures
  • Completed NQT