Merry Christmas from the Exec!

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Saturday 23rd of December 2017

Quick (not quite) monthly catch up with the National Exec... also Merry Christmas!

Quick monthly catch up with the national exec... also Merry Christmas!

Executive committee:

Joshua Smith - Chair

  • Had the first joint meeting for almost a decade with The Scout Association, Girlguiding and SSAGO all together in one room to discuss our relationship.
  • Redrafted the Memorandum of Agreement which covers how SSAGO, The Scout Association and Girlguiding work together and support each other (such as insurance, safeguarding, etc...).
  • Continued to have the largest recorded turnout in the Plymouth Rally Reps vote with total of 33 clubs voting.
  • Successfully implemented a new Safeguarding Policy with 94% Reps approval and a new Electioneering Code of Conduct Policy with 92% Reps approval.
  • Updated the Mascot Kidnapping Policy with 92% Reps approval.
  • Exchanged numerous communications with HSBC by email, phone and in person to resolve some historic bank account issues.
  • Assisted Plymouth Rally with bank account access for their Rally.
  • Set up Witan in a Weekend Rally with bank account access for their Rally.

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • ‎Set up Scottish SSAGO facebook group and helping to plan a trip to Perth for all members of Scotish SSAGO in the new year.
  • Sadly missed rally but I'm certainly going to be at the next along with some Scottish SSSAGOers!
  • Been pretty busy with end of semester coursework and exams!
  • Merry Christmas SSAGO!

Anona Mann - Members Officer

  • Took a very long car travel down to Rally! As co pilot I took the car North at one point not South
  • I've sent lots of emails and set up Edignbour on the SSAGO website
  • Took Harold to cub camp where we made a SSAGO themed Christmas stocking and ate lots of yummy food
  • Signed for a house for next year!!
  • Messaged and posted lots about club membership
  • Rejected more clubs then I have approved for membership due to it not being complete!!
  • Ralph (and Vicky) have been round a few times to play bored games and eat food
  • Wrote up minuets from reps meeting 
  • Sorted out my appointment for January to finally get my modules signed of for my wood beads
  • Written a lot of Christmas cards

James Frith - Publicity Officer

  • Went to South West Freshers camp (very briefly)

  • Attending World Scout Jamboree UK Contingent leader breifing, and lead a Q&A session and Bowling night with all Devon's selected Young People

  • Went to the amazing 90s Rally, ate lots of cake on the cafe crawl, produced 'Woody's roundup' with the Media team

  • Designed new National SSAGO merch including Indie, Roverway, Media/Web/Archive team and general members clothing; all soon to be available on the shop

  • Sorting out SSAGO Brand booklet, Support events (including Wintercamp, Sparkle and Ice, etc), Roverrail proposal, staged badges, more...

Executive Assistants:

Beatrice Phanjoo - International Officer

  • Went to Rally and had so much fun
  • Discussing with potential Witan in a Weekend’s International contingents
  • Gone back home and currently enjoying some sun 

Larah Korrison - Archivist

  • Finished inventory of Aber SSAGO archives with the help of coursemates and club members
  • Met with University Archivist to discuss how we can move forward and prepare the records for deposit 
  • SSAGO took part in 'Explore Your Archive' (See the playlist here: 
  • Had a great time with Aber SSAGO at PLUGS rally 
  • Contacted an ex-member of Aber SSAGO and discovered a third necker design
  • Added an ex-member's memory write up to our growing collection

Laura Payne - SAGGA liason

  • I went to Rally which was AMAZING and have done a few bits and pieces for the upcoming Witan Rally.
  • I also booked annual leave so I can attend SAGGA's "Winter Reunion" weekend next year which I'm really excited about!
  • Other than that I have had a surprisingly SSAGO- and SAGGA-free month!

Oliver Bills - Webmaster

  • Made a new SSAGO phone system for the exec, events and first aid
  • Further developed the reps system at
  • Lots of bug fixing
  • Rebuilt the shop admin interface
  • Upgraded the SSAGO server infrastructure
  • Attended a meeting with Girlguiding with Josh to help provide Exec continuity

Vicky Sanderson – Notifications

  • Saved some forms
  • Visited Durham
  • Saw Anona
  • Didn't go to rally
  • Busy with work