It's the final countdown...

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Monday 12th of February 2018

Quick pre-AGM catch up with the National Exec and Assistants, everything since Christmas... 

Executive committee:

Joshua Smith - Chair

  • Had a successful meeting with both The Scout Association and Girlguiding to finalise the Memorandum of Agreement which covers our how we work together and support each other. You find out more about that here
  • Finalised the Service Agreement for a SSAGO Scout Active Support Unit which will exist as a separate entity to SSAGO and allow SSAGO members not part of The Scout Association to get suitable disclosure checks and volunteer at events with SSAGO Support. 
  • Got the SSAGO elections system set up. Get involved here
  • Prepared the Main Account and Development Fund accounts for auditing. 
  • Started preparing the Event accounts for auditing. 
  • Spent over 15 hours working with HSBC to resolve some historic SSAGO bank account issue in person and over the phone. 
  • Used up all the call time on my phone talking to HSBC.
  • Had catch up meetings with Witan in a Weekend Rally and Yule Ball. 
  • Promoted SSAGO at both Gilwell Winter Camp and Sparkle and Ice with SSAGO Support.

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • Been to the Exec weekend away
  • Encouraged members of Glasgow SSAGO to attend rally!
  • Worked with Larah (Archivist) to upload old minutes onto the website
  • Keeping the email log up to date
  • Writing lots of minutes as usual...
  • Helping Dundee SSAGO to get set up along with Anona
  • Can't wait for rally!!

Anona Mann - Members Officer

  • Chassed up many grouos to get them to submit membership
  • Worked with Lorna to make sure all indis are payong membership though the shop, created a pretty spreadsheet to acumplish this!!
  • Attended TSA and GirlGuiding meeting worh Josh and traviled to London to have a sleep over at Larahs house!
  • Lots of exec meetings because od the vank related issues! 
  • Spend new year writing up a new factsheet to help new committess
  • Went to the exec team building weekend were we all played lots of board games!
  • Read though spme archived material to help Larah find mention of membership numberd of SSAGO 
  • Set up Herts SSAGO on the website and have started talking with Dundee to set them up to 
  • Explained to sevral people that Harold is a mascot teddy bear not my boyfriend!! 
  • Just spend most this year emailimg lots of people and eatting my weight on chocolate

James Frith - Publicity Officer

  • Visited Our Chalet and Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switerzerland over New Years, took Percival with me, did a bit of SSAGO promoting, played boardgames with Glasgow SSAGO's Chair... oh, and proposed to my Kate in an igloo on top of an Alp!

  • Continued to provide clubs with helpful publicity material (posted a banner to Dundee!)

  • Bit of Witan Rally promotion through 'Top 10s', now the biggest Rally on record! Ball promotion to come... 

  • New National SSAGO merch including Indie, Roverway, Media/Web/Archive team and general members clothing; all made available through the shop early last month, to be collected at Rally if ordered as such!

  • Organised SSAGO attending GirlGuiding's Sparkle and Ice for the first time, we ended up running the campfire on Saturday night and have been invited back for following years (as well as back to Wellies and Wristbands in August!)

  • Ran the first Training camp for my World Scout Jamboree units in Devon, as well as helped judge IST applicants at the South West selection camp... 20% of whom were SSAGO members! (Good luck all!)

  • Posted way too much about the SSAGO AGM and election already, with more to come!

  • Ordered some very exciting and shiny sets of badges...

  • Continued planning for future SSAGO Support events, handover and other Publicity plans!

Executive Assistants:

Larah Korrison - Archivist

  • Been in contact with several ex-members, including some with the help of Birmingham's Past Member Association 
  • Working with volunteers on archive projects one including extracting club reports from past AGM minutes and SSAGO Journals 
  • Helped Lauren to update resources page with: Club reports, AGM Minutes, Exec Minutes and Reps Minutes from the archive 
  • Had a great time with the team at our weekend away, although it lead to my phone getting broken (note to self don't drop it in a puddle). 
  • Had an exciting week visiting various archives in London such as: HSBC, Tate Britain, Wellcome Trust, Lambath Palace to name a few! 
  • Looking forward to Witan in a Weekend

Laura Payne - SAGGA liason

  • Attended the SAGGA Birmingham AGM to plan lots of awesome social and support days for this year (and ate way too much food!)
  • Liaised with Larah about the best ways for SSAGO to contact SAGGA with regards to collecting people's stories for the archives
  • Attended the SAGGA catch up weekend in Sheffield. Did lots of crafts, chatting and way too much eating (there's a bit of a theme going on here....)
  • Lots and lots of planning for Rally!

Oliver Bills - Webmaster

  • Improved the elections and online voting system
  • Created new SSAGO events system
  • Completely new way to manage events and create your booking process
  • Added various new booking stages and types and processes
  • Made it easier to get information out of the booking system
  • Further improvements to the shop system
  • Created crazy activity stuff for Witan in a Weekend Rally
  • Fixed various membership bugs
  • New way to create new admin events
  • Made it easier for Lauren to set club reports
  • Introduced SSAGO SMS texting as well as phone system

Vicky Sanderson – Notifications

  • Attended the Exec Weekend at the beginning to January which was very productive about moving forwards. 
  • Dealt with the influx of Nan forms over the past week.