Thinking/Founders Day 2018

James Frith, National Publicity Officer

Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Today we celebrate the birth of both Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, and the founding of the movements of Scouting and Guiding that make up not just SSAGO, but such an important part of our lives, some of this year's Exec look back on their favourite Scouting and Guiding memories...

"I would like to share my experience of Girlguiding Centenary camp to the rest of SSAGO, which brings memories of international friends on Thinking day! Despite only being 14, I still remember counting down the days and driving my parents crazy – It is safe to say that my excitement levels before any Guide/Scout camp has certainly not changed. The weeks activities did not disappoint, with caving being my favourite activity of the week! Besides the action packed week I also enjoyed meeting so many international Guides (including Japan Girl Scouts) - sharing songs, swapping badges and learning about different cultures!"
- Lauren

"I don't have a favorite memory, because I've had so many good memories in the 5 years of Scouting I have had! But pre uni life, one of the best memories I have is from the Oxford Spires District camp, 3 of us had gone as our very brand new Network Group just out of Explorers and therefore spent the weekend with a lot of other explorer people who where in the school year below us, just having fun and messing about, I got into a flour fight with one explorer leaders who still till this day tries to get his own back when he sees me! During this event we had the district camp fire and while sat there with my friends and others I new, I realised that Scouting was where I fitted in and that those around me were like my second family and I would never be leaving! Best of all I learnt how to play Irish snap and it was possibly the funnest camp I can remember going on!"
- Anona

"'Favourite memory' seemed like such a good idea at the time, but it's so hard to pick one; I'm making new ones all the time!

I think one of my favourite Scouting but not SSAGO (shock horror) memories is when I took my 3rd Wallscourt Farm Cub Pack to Airhop at the end of the Summer term and presented my Cub of the year with a little Lego model of herself in uniform. She was over the moon and seeing just how happy this made her was an amazing feeling. About a year later I was able to present her with the Chief Scout Silver award round a campfire on my last meeting before Graduating and moving away, and again being able to see her and all my Cubs grow and achieve their potential was wonderful. I've been able to take so much from Scouting, but it's the difference I can make with what I give back that makes it truly a life changing adventure...

Obviously haven't included a photo of my Cubs, but here's a photo of me as a Cub!"
- James