First Month on the Job!

Melissa Roberts (National Exec)

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

Check out what the new exec have been up to in their first month on the job!

Joshua Smith - Chair

It's been one busy first month, what withhandover, a new team and lots going on! Here are a few of the things I've been up to:

  • Had individual catch ups with all the Exec Members (minutes viewable here).
  • Caught up with the Rover 100 project (minutes viewablehere).
  • Chaired the new Exec's first two Exec meetings (minutes viewable here).
  • Working with The Scout Association to get the SSAGO Active Support Unit is set up.
  • Collected event feedback for UWE Ball (results viewable here).
  • Fixed SSAGO's internet banking and handed it over to the new Treasurer.
  • Distributed Roverway merchandise and have prepared the shop to handover.

Lauren Whittaker - Secretary

  • Updated email log and made a new one for this year
  • Written minutes and agendas for exec meetings
  • Working with Larah to get the Kudu Bird fixed
  • Working on creating a new incident form
  • Uploaded Rally and Ball feedback forms
  • Encouraging Glasgow SSAGO to go to summer rally, now have 6 going!
  • Been to Perth for the first Scottish SSAGO regional event
  • Otherwise been pretty busy with fieldwork, exams and interviews!

Edwin Burkinshaw - Treasurer

  • Filled in several mandates to update signatures on the accounts
  • Closed the Plymouth Rally account
  • Began contacting the new national events to help them with their events with their budgets (If anyone from Birmingham Chocolate rally want to get in touch with me for a budget template/an update on some stuff to help just drop me an email ;) )
  • Began work on updating not one but 2 policy documents, the Exec Expenses document and Development Fund policy document with updated drafts hopefully being ready for Cambridge rally reps
  • Been doing lots of payments and trying to sort out the receipts so we know what’s gone where
  • Spent lots of time dealing with HSBC and learning very well why everyone rants about them
  • Set up Cambridge rally with online access to their bank account
  • Sent south west freshers camp a loan for their campsite
  • Beginning work on setting up a new bank account for the shop, a new Witan account and then looking into regional accounts
  • Listened to feedback and been updated by many members of SSAGO and tried to act upon it where possible

Jimmy Austin - Members Officer

Hi Everyone,

Well, that first month went pretty quick! I spent most of it trying to bring myself up to speed on how SSAGO works behind the scenes this includes reading up on lots of the SSAGO policy documents, factsheets, and surveys. I've also been busy sorting out the last few Indie members and clubs who are still to pay membership fees. I've also had quite a busy time on my placement having to complete a project in London for the last two weeks which has eaten up a lot of my time. However whilst I was in the Capital I managed to meet up with the new Indie Rep, Daniel Nixon, and also some members of the London Indie contingent to discuss how to bring the group back to life. I've also spoken to all my other reps and SSAGO assistants who work with me to find out what they want to do this year. My next big challenge to finish in the next month is the factsheet for new clubs, started by Anona (Last Year's Members Officer), with the aim to get it edited and sent for final review by Reps at Duck Rally.

Melissa Roberts - Publicity Officer

I can’t believe we are a month in! It’s been a very busy month but I’m still really excited for the year ahead. We have some amazing national events ahead, a summer full of support events and regional activities for you to get involved in. I’ve got a few things on the go at the moment;

  • I made a video for Scoutadelic which is now the most watched episode in the series! There’ll be more SSAGO episodes in the future, let me know if you want to get involved.
  • I’ve added lots of events to the website. Some of these are ones that SSAGO are supporting and others are ones that you can attend and enjoy the activities yourself, find them here
  • I’ve been in contact with Gilwell 24 and Fundays to organise our role in these events, we’re playing a big part in these so we need lots of helping hands!
  • Booked our place at Gilwell Reunion and applied for a seminar session
  • I’ve done lots of general publicity following up ball, advertising rally, the cutlery cup, Rovers 100 and the SSAGO Support events
  • I survived my dissertation and my 21st!