The Assistants have been busy!

Melissa Roberts (National Exec)

Thursday 21st of June 2018

Check out what the team pink assistants have been up to in the last few months!

Harriet Bell - International Officer 


  • Spoke with Jimmy (Membership Officer) about my role, expectations and what I want to achieve this year
  • Updated International team on who I am, what I want to do and how the International Team will play an important role in building links with other SSAGO-like clubs across the world
  • Worked with Melissa to create a poster advertising the International Team and what we do, to share with the whole of SSAGO
  • Compiled a list of the clubs that we know of so far, which ones are yet to be contacted and some more leads to investigate- so far we know of 17 countries with SSAGO style clubs!
  • Invited all known International groups to Duck Rally, highlighting the potential to stay on longer at the site and the good chance of nice UK weather!
  • Working with the Rovers 100 crew to bring International aspects to the events and badges, along with generally helping organise the camp
  • I am also working on an email to send out to uncontacted International clubs, to explain what SSAGO is and how we can link up with them, where in person at camps or online


Joe Barnes - Quartermaster 


  • I’ve had various Skype meetings with Oli, Josh, Mel and Edwin to get used to my new role and to how the online shop works.

  • I inherited the online shop with over 70 orders in varying stages of completion, so I have been working to remove old orders and to post orders that need posting.

  • All outstanding old orders that hadn’t been paid for by the end of last week were deleted, so place these orders again (and pay this time) if you still want the stuff you ordered.

  • I had 5 very large parcels arrive containing all of the SSAGO stock, which have had to find new homes in my house.

  • I counted the excessive number of stamps I received from Dale (procrastination from revising…)

  • I’ve nearly set up a computerised sale system for the Shop at Rallies, so sales should be faster and easier.

  • I realised I’m the only Assistant without a mascot… so I found myself one.

  • I’m trying to resurrect the printer so we can have newsletters on Rally.

  • I’ve been working on getting the online shop re-opened now that I have the stock.

  • Non-personalised clothing and past rally badges are now on sale, so head over to to buy lots of cheap things!